5 days!
Every Friday from Sept. 10th
through Oct. 8th.



Companies that serve nonprofits who have come together to offer peer-to-peer fundraising focused webinars in one week. We’re excited to work together to share our unique experience and knowledge with the sector.


And it’s not just us doing the talking. Nonprofits will join us to show you first-hand how they’re using peer-to-peer techniques to raise funds in the real world.


You’ll learn how organizations are taking their campaigns and events to new heights, and you’ll leave with fresh ideas that you can start using right away.

Want to check out sessions from previous conferences? Watch the recorded sessions.

Friday Sessions

EVERY FRIDAY from Sept 10th through Oct 8th.
Day 1
10 Sep 2021
Day 2
17 Sep 2021
Day 3
24 Sep 2021
Day 4
01 Oct 2021
Day 5
08 Oct 2021

Host Session 1

Session details coming soon!

eComm Workshop: Week 1 Strategy

Julie Brock
Daniella Dowiak
Kari Bodell
Mark Becker

Back to the Future! Trends and Predictions in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

If the COVID-19 pandemic proved anything, it’s that fundraisers are creative and versatile. Last year, nonprofits took the peer-to-peer fundraising style and ran with it—and we’re not looking back.
The future of peer-to-peer fundraising is varied and bright. Attend this session if you’d like to learn:
- How nonprofits are using peer-to-peer tools to recruit supporters and build communities, even when they can’t meet in person
- Different event styles and formats that work both virtually and in person
- How your peers are adapting their peer-to-peer events to meet their community’s changing needs
- Unconventional and inspiring ways to use a peer-to-peer platform to sell merchandise, host virtual food and supply drives, and more
You’ll see tons of examples of creative events that will surprise and inspire you. Come learn about what the future holds for this exciting (and versatile!) fundraising style.
Abby Jarvis

Host Session 2

Session details coming soon!

eComm Workshop: Week 2 Timing

Julie Brock
Daniella Dowiak
Kari Bodell
Mark Becker

Attract & Empower Megafans to Raise More for Your Mission

As the Marketing & Engagement Director for the 3rd largest Habitat for Humanity affiliate in the U.S., Mark mobilized tens of thousands to give and volunteer in support of the Habitat mission. After growing his organization’s annual giving day raise from $19K to $85K, Mark was invited to present his top five marketing tips for fundraising success at the kick-off event for the nation’s largest giving day, North Texas Giving Day. Mark will be sharing these tips and more during his P2P World session. In his role at Habitat, Mark fell in love with Givebutter, the fastest growing online donation platform. During his P2P World session, Mark will also share how you can leverage Givebutter’s modern and affordable event and team fundraising solutions to attract and empower megafans to raise more for your mission.
Mark Rummel

Host Session 3

Session details coming soon!

eComm Workshop: Week 3 Calls to Actions

Julie Brock
Daniella Dowiak
Kari Bodell
Mark Becker

Host Session 4

Session details coming soon!

eComm Workshop: Week 4 Copy, Design & Deliverability

Julie Brock
Daniella Dowiak
Kari Bodell
Mark Becker

Host Session 5

Session details coming soon!

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