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Five companies that serve nonprofits have come together to offer five peer-to-peer fundraising focused webinars in one day. We’re excited to work together to share our unique experience and knowledge with the sector.
And it’s not just us doing the talking. Nonprofits will join us to show you first-hand how they’re using peer-to-peer techniques to raise funds in the real world. Plus, Nhu Te, Editor-in-Chief/Content Director of NonProfit Pro, will serve as emcee for the conference.
You’ll learn how organizations are taking their campaigns and events to new heights, and you’ll leave with fresh ideas that you can start using right away.

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  • APRIL 23, 2020 SCHEDULE
    It’s a Peer-to-Peer World: Virtual Conference
    All times listed are Eastern
    Real-World Practical Tips for Virtual Event and Campaign Success
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    Now, more than ever, it’s important to sharpen your peer-to-peer fundraising skills beyond traditional events. What better way to learn about effective ways to run virtual events and campaigns than hearing straight from other successful programs?

    In this moderated panel session, P2P fundraising professionals will share how organizations are using the virtual peer-to-peer model to continue fundraising — even when physical events aren’t possible. You’ll hear real-world, no-nonsense tips and lessons learned around campaigns including a virtual food drive and how physical events are transitioning to virtual campaigns.

    You’ll leave the session with ideas you can start using right away.

    • Mark Becker, Founding Partner at Cathexis Partners
    • Betsy Dye, Digital Fundraising and Media Manager, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida
    • Jillian Stewart, Founder & CEO, Peerworks Consulting
    Step Up Your Virtual Peer-to-Peer Campaign Results: Turning Social Donors into Long-Term Donors
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    When it comes to virtual peer-to-peer fundraising, there’s an often-overlooked approach that can help you increase your number of long-term donors.

    While we know that personal connections to a cause often drive the highest loyalty, did you know channels like tribute and peer-to-peer are two that tend to perform abysmally in terms of renewal rates? What are you doing to improve how you engage and retain supporters from an important group of people who have the potential for great impact: social donors?

    Let’s face it – these donors are often supporting their friend, co-worker, or family member and don’t have that direct or personal connection with your organization. Wouldn’t it be great if there were easy-to-follow steps that can help you engage and sustain donors from these hardest-to-retain donor channels?

    In this session, we will show you how you can create a real and genuine connection with social donors and turn them into long-term supporters. You’ll learn:

    • Reasons why these channels are the hardest to retain
    • Motivations for donors to stay loyal, and the causes of why they lapse
    • Tips on creating an engagement campaign to maximize your donor retention from tribute and peer-to-peer fundraising

    • Bailey Benzlé, Director of Pre-Sales & Sales Enablement, Omatic
    • Stu Manewith, Nonprofit Advocacy Director
    Stewardship That Works: Build a Strong Relationship with Your Virtual Event P2P Fundraisers
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    It’s 2020 and you’re focused on growing your virtual P2P program. So is every other organization! Competition is fierce, and supporter expectations have never been higher. How can your organization stand out from the crowd?

    Here’s the good news – you have the power to transform a transactional relationship into a solid, long-term partnership! Maureen will share practical examples of ways to engage your P2P fundraisers, draw them more deeply into your organization, and help them raise more money.

    Whether you’re a virtual P2P event pro or if this is your first rodeo, you’ll come away with fresh ideas and inspiration.

    Attendees will:
    - Learn how (and when) to communicate with your P2P fundraisers
    - Understand the concept of micro-appreciation and how to use it effectively
    - Explore ways to use your marketing automation and social media tools
    - See examples of organizations that are doing this well

    Speaker: Maureen Wallbeoff
    It’s Raining Virtual Events, Alleluia! The Secret to Finding and Creating the Perfect Virtual Event for Your Organization
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    Times have changed and so have how you create, build, and manage your peer-to-peer events. Don’t be overwhelmed; come join us and let’s talk through 10 ideas for your next virtual event!

    Charity Dynamics’ power duo, Sue Dalos, Principal Consultant, and Brenda Miele, UX Director, will showcase their favorite new ideas for virtual events and talk through how to get them up and running to delight your supporters and your bottom line. You’ll walk away with virtual event ideas, tips on how to get them up and running, and inspiration for this new way to think about p2p events.
    Get to Know Your Audience (for Real) for Virtual Event Success
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    Whether you’re moving physical events to virtual events (or even pushing physical events out to later in the year), perhaps the single most important thing you can do for your events in 2020 is to gain a better understanding of your event participants and donors. Brittany Hill, CEO of Accelerist and Kari Bodell, SVP of Social Impact at CSM will share some of the ways leading Peer-to-Peer programs are using big data to motivate, activate and engage different audience segments year-round. Through real-world use cases, you will learn how customizing user-experience and communications for team captains, participants, donors, and top fundraisers differently can lead to more funds raised, and how you can do it too.

    • Kari Bodell, SVP of Social Impact, CSM
    • Brittany Hill, CEO, Accelerist