Share the Good

Throughout the Peer-to-Peer World Virtual Conference, we’ll be sending push notifications to the community with event reminders, key takeaways from sessions, and featuring events from the Peer-to-Peer World Virtual Conference community. 

There are two ways to participate.

  1. Download the LetsAllDoGood mobile app (Link or scan the QR code below)
  2. Sign up to Share Your Good and have your event/campaign sent to the community! 

A little more about the Share Your Good Program…

We’re giving 30 nonprofit organizations who are registered for the Peer-to-Peer World Virtual Conference the opportunity to share their events with the Peer-to-Peer World community through mobile-app-based push notifications. 

How is this possible?

Peer-to-Peer World Virtual Conference host, LetsAllDoGood, is providing their mobile app to conference attendees, and giving you the ability to send information about your event or organization by push notification. 

What do I have to do?

Request online that your event is featured. (You’ll provide the title, description and link online.)

What will this cost my organization?

Nothing. Period. 

When will the notifications be sent?

Daily throughout the Peer-to-Peer Virtual World Conference, September 10 through October 8.

Why should we do this?

To share your good with the community and see the work being done by your peers.

To participate sign up here and LetsAllDoGood will take care of the rest. If you have any questions about Share Your Good, or how the Peer-to-Peer Virtual World Conference is using the LetsAllDoGood App, reach out to Maggie Stevens