How any Nonprofit can use a Mobile App for Instant Communication

24 Sep 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am ET (UTC-4)

How any Nonprofit can use a Mobile App for Instant Communication


Smartphones have become our de-facto communication device…we look at them nearly 100x each day and rely upon the instant notifications for important news, information and updates.  Now, nonprofit organizations of any size can also communicate with their families, volunteers, staff and supporters directly on their smartphones quickly and inexpensively…based upon who they are and even where they are.

In this session, we’ll present:

1) A Case Study: We will present a Case Study for how Guardian Angel Basset Rescue (GABR), used an App for their 2021 ‘Waddle’ event.  During the event, GABR used an App to:

  1. Establish a permanent mobile based connection with supporters
  2. Communicate with event participants who were physically at the event
  3. Add value to sponsors via additional & geo-based exposure
  4. Communicate instantly with volunteers during the event

The App enabled event day and ongoing communication that was not possible via email or social.

2) An App overview where you will learn:

  • How Apps-based communication is different than email, social or texting
  • How to add value to your sponsors via location-based messaging
  • How to connect with specific groups in your community
  • Open & Click rate for Notifications vs Emails
  • % of people who opt-in for notifications
  • % of web traffic comes from Phones & Apps
  • % of time on Mobile Apps vs Mobile Web
  • How fast notifications are received
  • How any NPO can use an App quickly, easily and affordably